Christmas Online Shopping 2.0- Common Sense

12 Aug

Christmas Online Shopping 2.0- Common Sense

Christmas Online Shopping 2.0- Common Sense

First and foremost remember to ask your selves these questions or at least say you will to make yourself feel more responsible before ordering your Christmas gifts online. Surveys suggest credit card fear is the big thing holding folks back from deal hunting online, but at reputable Web sites, you have nothing to worry about.

Christmas Online Shopping

1. Don’t pay, unless absolutely necessary, for expedited shipping. Most items from most places arrive days ahead of when the slowest (and cheapest) shipping estimate promises.

2. Save your receipts, email conformations, and original packing materials, because they could mean the difference between getting something replaced under warranty or having to do so yourself.

3. Right before you buy, do a last-minute search for “coupons” and the name of the stores you’re considering. You’d be surprised at some of the deals that could show up.

4. Always remember that even with all the things the Web can do for a shopper, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. ( zune under $40 anyone?)

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