Open Source DVR Challenges TiVo

23 Sep

Open Source DVR Challenges TiVo

Open Source DVR Challenges TiVo


A/V geeks and open source hackers alike are sure to fall in love with the MonolithMC HD DVR system, which runs the Linux based MythTV platform.

The system “one-ups” TiVo by waiving monthly fees and completely ignoring DRM codes that limit what shows you can save. Not only that but the Monolith is also capable of running all kinds of open-source plugins, including weather reports and jukeboxes.


The Monolith packs a dual tuner which lets you record two shows at the same time (TiVO feature as well) onto an included 200 gigabyte hard drive, which is also upgradable to 500 gigs. The first analog tuner is used for recording any of your satellite or digital cable channels. The second Digital tuner also included to allow you to record any OTA (Over the Air) or QAM channels in their native HD format. This means 720p, 1080i, or 1080p all with Dolby Digital sound.


MonolithMC HD also features an automatic function that copies hi-def versions of shows if it is being broadcast in both regular and HD format.

Take that TiVo! The MonolithMC HD will set you back $1000 (2 lower end models available) as opposed to the $800 TiVo HD box with monthly fees, but in time the MonolithMC HD will pay itself off since you dont have to worry about monthly fees or DRM codes to restrict what you can record. Best of all the MonolithMC HD is Linux based (open source) allowing for extra plugins and hacks down the road.

Happy recording!

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