30 Mar

Linux on Mac- But Why?

Linux on Mac- But Why? Yeah, why? Your typical Mac comes with all the Unix goodies and goodness you could ever need. But there are a bunch of Linux PPC distributions that you can, if you feel the urge, install on your Apple hardware. If you’ve been alive the last couple of years, you can’t
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10 Sep

The List: Greatest Open Source Developments

The List: Greatest Open Source Developments Open-source products tend to be driven by what features the user base is actually asking for vs. those being determined by a commercial software company’s profit motives. Another open-source advantage is freedom from vendor dependency, the seemingly continuous treadmill of upgrades and uncertainties that can be expensive and potentially
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30 Jul

VTech Phone Connects to the Internet

You can check the news, sports, weather and even your e-mail with VTech’s new Internet-enabled cordless landline telephones. The ip8300 infoPhone delivers online content on its color screen through a dedicated connection in its base station. The phone system also features caller ID, call waiting and a built-in Ethernet port. It will go on sale
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20 Apr

MP3 Weather Report

MP3 Weather Report A podcast is a free audio or video series that you can download and play on your iPod, phone or computer. Podcasts have been made popular by a large percentage of our population who are called auditory learners. Such people learn by listening. They don’t want to read anything on a website
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29 Nov


Podcasting With the rapid changes occurring in the techie world, modes of news casting are also changing from ordinary radio and television to web based broadcasting. One of such online inventions is the podcast. In most agencies that broadcast world news podcasts have become an inevitable tool, as clips are posted on the agencies’ blogs
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15 Apr

Traffic Report Podcast

Traffic Report Podcast Most people find traffic reports boring.However, next time you are stuck in a traffic jam while heading to the job interview you have been waiting for or to a very important meeting, you will wish that you tuned your radio to a station that was broadcasting traffic reports. Traffic reports come in
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28 Feb

Modern Communication Technology

Modern Communication Technology Modern communication technologies have completely changed how information is passed among individuals, governments, civil societies, learning institutions and the corporate world. Long time ago before modernization, people would communicate to each other using uncivilized ways such as sending a pigeon, using smoke, sending a messenger etc. These means of communication were so
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