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With the rapid changes occurring in the techie world, modes of news casting are also changing from ordinary radio and television to web based broadcasting. One of such online inventions is the podcast.

In most agencies that broadcast world news podcasts have become an inevitable tool, as clips are posted on the agencies’ blogs and websites for both streaming and downloading.

Podcasting is normally used to display digital media in episode form. These episodes can contain video clips, audio clips and some may be in PDF format.

Once a file is recorded, it is uploaded as an attachment to the website, blog or RSS feed, then clients who have podcast client applications can listen online or download the podcast to a portable device such as an iPod.

There are several types of podcasts. Video podcasts are made of solely video clips. Most world news podcasts are created using the video type as well as films and journalism recordings.Then there are enhanced podcasts that can be used to display both video, audio and text at the same time and are normally synchronized to certain devices. Podcast novels are similar to audiobooks, and are recorded and displayed online in episodes over a given period of time.

Besides being used in news casting, podcasts can also be used in creating training materials and tutorials. for instance contains weekly podcasts that feature strategic thinkers from the Harvard Business Review.They can also be used by advertising agencies to develop promotional clips to be posted on the website as well as by musicians to sell their music.

World news podcasts are better than ordinary television because you are able to select what to listen to. The content and programming is usually presented in clips. You can download free podcasts on several online sites, and if you love music then try http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/ for free music podcasts.

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