The Cell Phone Accessories You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

10 Oct

The Cell Phone Accessories You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

The Cell Phone Accessories You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Every now and then some cool accessories come out and make a scene, but who seriously buys or uses the ghetto antenna for their phone? Well now its time to showcase some mobile accessories you may or may not have seen before, the point is to discuss their practicality, accessibility, and most importantly their actual value (if any).



Get Recharged Instantly

It sucks when your cell phones headseat dies because you forgot to juice it up before you left for work. Well avoid this catastrophe with the Motorola P970, a portable wall socket that uses a rechargable battery capable of fully charging your Motorola handset twice or a Bluetooth headset 10 or more times. The little gizmo however only function if the gadget you want to charge has a mini-USB.

price: TBD


backup pal

Back Your Stuff Up

Face it, one day you will loose your mobile phone and everything, and I mean everything in it will go down as well. Avoid the horror of losing all of your contacts and other important data from your phone by grabbing a Backup-Pal, this cookie sized gizmo is a storage device that transfers important digits from your phone via USB, Infrared, or even a specific adapter for your phone, to a safer storage device.

price: $40-$50 (depending on required adapter)


Stuff Up

A Light of Light

We all know that most camera phone pictures are either too embaressing (you drinking) or too dark (you drinking in a dark bar), so to fix the second problem (not your drinking problem) get a hold of Affix.

Affix is a Color Flash Cube that will instantly light up the photoset with either traditional white flash light or multitational brights. The stick on LED comes with 3 color filters (red, blue, and green) to give your camera phone pictures a new light.

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