X-Series Revolutionizes the Mobile Internet

Nokia x series
20 Jul

X-Series Revolutionizes the Mobile Internet

X-Series Revolutionizes the Mobile Internet

Nokia x series

X-Series is a new services launching aimed at expanding and developing internet on mobile and cellular devices.Partnered with the brightest stars from the broadband universe to mobilize the essential tools of the internet, X-Series provides unparalleled access to popular Web services and features such as Skype, Slingbox, Orb, Yahoo!, Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger, eBay and Google. Thats right, you can catch up on some shows, bid on your favorite items, and even call with Skype.

X-Series Service is always-on, high-speed access to the Internet.


Why should you pay per minute, per message, per click, per megabit? In the real world, you buy your PC, pay for broadband and that’s it. The goal of X-Series principle is simple – X-Series customers will only pay a flat access fee on top of their basic subscription and then what’s free to use on the internet should be free to use on mobile broadband from their phone.

The X-Series is Internet on the go. Use your mobile to take the stuff you love doing at home onto the street. Mobile broadband connects your PC, TV or music system to your mobile life. New X-Series mobiles deliver a true broadband experience – wherever you go.

Whats not to like? Free phone calls to Skype users. Free instant messaging to your buddies. Unlimited search and internet surfing. Your TV on the move. Your PC on your mobile.

The Sony Ericsson W950i (top) and the Nokia N73 (bottom) are the first two mobile phones specifically designed and suited for the new X-Series broadband, however device/phone compatibility and support will surely expand as the system releases.

X-Series will be available through our own stores and all our internet sites, starting in the UK in December and in 3’s other markets around the world in early 2007.

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